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Soul Sorceress 

Vibrational Sound Mystic,  Energy Alchemist Healer, and Intuitive Reader

Offering Group Sound Baths, Personalized Vibrational or Reiki Sessions, Ceremonies, Fun Informative Workshops, and Intuitive Readings.

I seek to assist you in your healing journey and look forward to helping you connect with a like minded community all looking to co-create and elevate our Vibrations! This journey is for all ages and genders and I create a safe, loving environment for those who wish to join us. 

Every session is different and when you register with time I customize certain details for your experience to be the best possible. Due to limited spaces, reserving your space early is highly recommended. Price will always be discussed prior to any service rendered and will be required to be paid in full prior to receiving the session. 

I understand the commitment it takes when undergoing our healing journey.  I am committed to aiding you to the best of my ability with love and intention using the tools I have learned through continuous knowledge and experience. My primary intention is to assist you in healing, I will gladly guide you on methods you can do on your own at home for maintenance between sessions, and also connect you with others who can further assist you in other areas of your life if desired. 

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Group Sound Bath

A group sound bath is generally 2 or more individuals gathered in the space at the same time, the intention will be set for the group as a collective for general healing. The benefits in a group are still great and sometimes less intimidating. You will lay or sit for 45 - 90 minutes (depending on the scheduled time for the event), you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing (shoes are optional and can be removed upon entry if you choose). You may close your eyes or have them open, your consent will be requested for us to approach your bubble during the Sound Bath and your decision will be respected. This session is to help you enter the various brain waves and bring your body to a relaxation state to encourage your body to naturally begin healing areas we may not pay attention to due to the business of every day life. 


Vibrational Tuning Session

During a Vibrational Tuning session you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing with no buttons. The initial session will always be 90 minutes due to a 30 minute 'Platica' before hand. We will go over your waiver and dig further into any questions and concerns before proceeding. You can sit or lay down for the 60 minute session in which we will use one or various tools depending on the need. Tuning forks, Himalayan bowls,  Drumming are the main methods that will be implemented but others may be used as needed. These sessions are not a one time cure-all even though you will see an improvement within your first session. It is highly recommended to maintain them at least once a month after 4 - 6 weekly sessions (as needed).  *Packages are available upon request and need.

PRICE $175

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is an ancient practice of moving energy by being a conduit with the Divine.  I request the assistance of my Spirit Guide to help me communicate with your guides as we begin our session. Every practitioner is different and we each have our own way of using Rituals and moving the energy through stagnated areas you may be experiencing.  These are 90 minute sessions that include a Cleansing, Alignment, Reiki Energy Work, a Reading, Herbal Tea, and a three day Post Session care commitment required from your behalf.  I am limited on how many of these I offer but these are great for those interested in Shadow Work and really delving into the Spiritual aspect of their lives. These sessions must be booked 48 hours in advance and Only Extreme Cases will be Considered for Emergency Sessions without Notice. 

*Remote Reiki Healing Sessions Now Available 1 hour for $150 which includes Cleansing, Alignment,  Reiki, and a Virtual Reading plus a Care Package to be mailed to you 

PRICE RANGE $88 - $111 

Spiritual Cleansings/Limpias

I offer personal spiritual cleansings/limpias for $88. Depending on the situation we will begin with the appropriate smudge. If you have an aversion to smoke or smell we can begin with a spray or drumming. You will also receive an herb bath for you to do on your own. *If your limpia preference is The egg cleansing, it will require a 3 day session to be completed ($111).



I welcome all feedback to better assist new and existing clients on what to expect and also how I can continue to grow to put my gifts and skills to their best use for your highest good.
Flor K.
I have never experienced a sound bath this one was my first. I truly had a one of a kind experience! The venue was absolutely beautiful and inviting to disconnect and be fully immersed. I felt release of unwanted energy. There was a point in the session in which the sounds brought my mind to a very special memory and even a tear dropped. I cant say enough about how special and liberating this session was. Thank you for your power and guidance!
Nicole S.

So far, this is the best sound bath I've ever experienced. I was transported to another time and place. I could feel the energy moving through me and around me. And I could hear angels singing!

S. V.
This was my first time experiencing a Sound event and I feel compelled to leave this review! The sounds from the instruments used flowed through my whole body and I felt completely relaxed. At one point I almost fell asleep which is exactly what I needed from a stressful week at work. When I went home I felt motivated to complete a task I have been putting off. I would definitely come back for another sound bath and would like to attend at least once a month as a refresh. I highly recommend Soul Sorceress!
I have struggled with back pain, since I’ve been receiving sound healing I no longer have aching feet and legs!! So happy I found Yadi, she has worked miracles💕

Group Sound Bath or Reiki Energy Work /Vibrational Sound 1-on-1 Sessions/ Intuitive Readings

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