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Soul Sorceress 

A Professional Mystic that offers different modalities using intuition, herbs, sound frequencies, energy work, readings, vibrational tuning, crystals, limpias, platicas, workshops, and Ceremonies to alchemize dissonance within your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

My experience with the metaphysical realm started since I was a young child through astral travel, vivid dreams, communicating with spirits and more. My gifts have developed through time and the experiences I have lived. 

I have worked with amazing mentors and teachers who have helped me develop and grow my knowledge. My spirit guides and ancestors help me with the rest. Things I have just known on what people need or how to help them that later through further learning the scientific side has been proven on the methods I have used. 

I am a constant seeker of knowledge so I do hold many different certifications and always in courses picking up more. 

I am available to provide guidance in your healing journey, no ego, no judgment, and no sugar coating. The results depend on your desire and commitment to do the work. 




*Hablo Español